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July Newsletter

Announcement to our VIP Members

The Monthly VIP Club Wine Pick-up Event

VIP PartyThis is a notice for our monthly VIP Club "Pick-up Party" where two of you can meet our winemaker, Alan Kinne, and talk with him as he pours your monthly selections and enjoy the beauty of the countryside.

For this month’s event Alan will be pouring samples of the 2011 Norton Barrel Select and the 2011 Private Reserve White.

This month, we have teamed up with Trummer’s on Main located in Clifton, Virginia. Their sommelier, Tyler Packwood will be on hand to offer our wine club members an opportunity to learn food and wine pairing from one of the best. When appropriately paired, wine and food have the ability to complement each other, making them more pronounced and rendering the entire experience a more satisfying and enjoyable one. Tyler will be conducting a 45 minute lecture on the for all those who wish to partake.

The event will take place on Sunday, July 22 and will offer food samples, created by Trummer’s Chef Cory Lambert, under the cover of Jenni’s Pavilion. To supplement the samples, you may wish to bring your own picnic basket of goodies and purchase a bottle of your favorite Chrysalis Vineyards wine to enjoy. Of course, our tasting room staff will also be on hand to provide the hospitality to which you have become accustomed.

Of course, our Tasting Room staff will also be on hand to provide the hospitality to which you have become accustomed.

Join us on the lawn outside the tasting room on Sunday, July 22 from 6:00 p.m.until 8:00 p.m. We’re closing the food-sampling portion of the event to the first 150 VIP Club members who respond to this invitation – I’m afraid there will be no exceptions! Please let us know by Tuesday, July 17 if you wish attend. Simply call Tammy Cavanaugh at 540-687-8222, ext. 206 or email RSVP now because these events always fill up quickly.

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**** Call Tammy or email her using the link above for reservations only ****

Upcoming Events

VIP Appreciation DinnerWine Club Appreciation Dinner

6:30 - 9:00 P.M. Friday, September 14, 2012

For those VIP Members who have been with us for a minimum of the last three months VIP wine shipments, a great dinner under the stars with wine pairings, live music, dancing and a friendly atmosphere. Advance reservations required by August 31. Stay tuned for further information about this event. Of course, advanced reservations will be required so watch the newsletters and get in on this spectacular event ASAP.

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VIP Club at Chrysalis Vineyards

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This Month’s Guest Hosts

Sommelier Tyler Packwood

Wine and GlassHe has a story for every wine, champagne and port that he carries in his 8,000-bottle wine cellar. His relationships with wine makers and vine growers cultivates his intimate, expansive wine list that ranges from small, new world grapes to ones that date back 100 years. Virginia native and Sommelier Tyler Packwood is a locally renowned addition to the critically acclaimed Trummer’s On Main and one that comes by way of one of the Nation’s finest culinary destinations.

A graduate of the University of Maryland, Packwood’s love for wine has taken him to great places around the globe. He began in the hospitality industry at Opus One in Munich, Germany, working for six years as Restaurant Manager and Sommelier. Part of his job included building of the wine list and creating proper storage for the wines. He also created and arranged a dinner featuring Tom Shelton, then President of Joseph Phelps Vineyards, in 1999.

In June of 2009, Sommelier Tyler Packwood began his commute from Sperryville, Virginia, to Clifton, Virginia, building his new wine playground at Trummer’s On Main. A walk-in cellar with mahogany, glass-enclosed doors displays the depth of Packwood’s knowledge. To complete the experience, he also has a private wine tasting room that seats 12 and has a full view of the wine cellar. He has built a wine list that is over 5,000 and growing. From $25 to $3000, from new world to old world, Packwood’s depth of bottle offering appeases the most discriminating of palates.

Tyler Packwood brings a strong character and presence to Trummer’s On Main. One that is home grown and nurtured by the finest of grapes and vines.

Chef Cory Lambert

Chef Cory followed opening chef Clay Miller to Trummer’s on Main and now it is his time to shine! Opening Trummer’s on Main as Clay Miller’s sous chef, he had the time to research and find the best local farms and products bountiful Virginia has to offer. He is looking forward to utilizing these contacts in his revamped fresh menu.

After graduating from Johnson and Wales Universary, Cory started his cooking at Petrossian Restaurant in Miami where he refined his French techniques. He continued to work through the culinary flavors as he worked in restaurants featuring Pan Asian and Mediterranean styles. His final stop before Trummer’s, Norman Van Aken’s Normans at the Ritz Carlton in Orlando, is a Mobile 5-star restaurant and featured latin caribean food. Throughout his repertoire he has had the opportunity to work every station and learn from a variety of top personalities and talents in the food world.

Cory describes his style as “a melting pot” of American influences. He particularly lends towards Asian, Carribean and Latin flavors and loves to incorporate local finds into international food styles. From making home made pasta, tofu or working with any part of the pig (his favorite product to work with) to creating simple refined soups and salads – his food never leaves you unfulfilled. Cory compares cooking to Marshall Arts. After training for nine years, hard work and dedication paid off when he received his black belt. He compares the focus, passion and discipline needed to achieve such honor to working your way up in kitchens. After working and studying for twelve years under a multitude of chefs, he is ready to take the lead.

Report from the Tasting Room

Tasting RoomChrysalis Vineyards is pleased to announce a new face in the tasting room, Glen Pearson.

A Chicago, Illinois native, Glen is here in Chantilly, Virginia for the summer with family. Glen comes to Chrysalis Vineyards as another college student looking for summer work. However, once here, he has found a passion for the wine industry and an appreciation for all the details and work needed for a successful winery. He is eager to teach others about Chrysalis Vineyards and to share his passion for the wines while giving exceptional customer service. Not only does Glen have a love for the wine, he has also fallen in love with Jenni’s free range eggs and he is eager to help beautify the gardens and tasting room.

Report from the Winemaker

Wine TanksThe last bottling of the year is over—well, at least until after the harvest. Does that mean the cellar crew is taking a vacation the rest of the summer? (Vacation! We’ll have to look up the meaning of that word!) No, now it’s time to get the winery set for vintage 2012. What’s going on in the cellar the rest of the summer?

First, we have about 200 barrels of wine to keep topped up. Every barrel evaporates just a little bit of wine every day so we refill every barrel about once every three weeks. Keeping barrels full is critical for maintaining the quality of the wine. Next, we also have about 200 empty barrels that must be kept clean and sanitized inside. That means every six weeks or so they are cleaned inside with super-hot water then sprayed with ozonated water (that’s O3; the extra oxygen molecule kills any bacteria inside the barrel). We also reclean all of the equipment and tanks. The press and destemmer are professionally checked and anything amiss is taken care of. We also make sure the refrigeration system is working properly. It’s one of the most important parts of our winemaking.

This year we are also doing a little refurbishing of the office and lab to make them look better. A bit of cosmetic changes that will make them cleaner and neater.

So, the summertime work in the cellar is much like the rest of the year…clean, clean, clean. And then, clean some more.

Alan Kinne

Report from the Vineyard

Leaf on Grape VineJuly is hot! It’s Virginia, what else is new? In the vineyard, it’s hot, sweaty work this time of year. Remember, Norton is “The Wild Vine,” and this time of year it lives up to that name. We spend nearly the six weeks combing, shoot positioning and leaf pulling our Norton.

The growing shoots of Norton are about touching the ground now. They are easily four or five feet in length. Each vine has over 40 or 50 shoots that must be separated (that’s the combing part), positioned properly and then leaf-pulled (leaves around the cluster are removed to expose the clusters to more sunlight). The purpose of all this vine grooming is to make sure the grapes get plenty of sunshine to ripen properly. If we didn’t spend, literally, thousands of hours doing this, the grapes wouldn’t make the delicious wines we all want. This is some of the hardest work we do at the winery.

The next time you relax with a cold glass of Sarah’s Patio Red remember, it takes a lot of heat to make sure that wine tastes so good!

Alan Kinne
Vineyard Manager

Note from Jenni
New Route 50 Facility

By now those of you who have been able to visit Chrysalis Vineyards in June have had a chance to meet our new Tasting Room & Sale Manager, Tammy Cavanaugh. Tammy’s off to a great start, and she looks forward to meeting all Chrysalis Vineyards’ friends, customers, and especially our VIP Club members. So come on out to enjoy summer in full swing at Chrysalis Vineyards, and say “hi” to Tammy. The vines are growing like mad, and the land is in its most lush and verdant expression of the entire year. Just beautiful. (BTW, it’s a LOT cooler up here in the Bull Run Mountains in July, so if you like being outside, you’ll have a cooler, more peaceful time of it here in the countryside. Take a walk through the vineyard… sit under a big, ol’ tree and sip some cool Sarah’s Patio. (Got the picture? :-)

BUILDING UPDATE: The photo above my Note here was taken on Sunday, June 24. I took my pickup truck, with a ladder in the bed, and went up to the site. I set up the ladder in the bed and just started taking shots – one view to the next, left to right, with the idea of “stitching” them together with PhotoPaint (I know, everyone uses Photoshop, but being an old software gal, I really appreciate the tighter code (smaller program size), faster load, smaller file sizes and more intuitive user interface. Just IMHO, BTW.)

Anyway, I got ‘em all lined up to show what we’ve done. What you’re looking at is the nearly finished plateau where our building and grounds will be. Mel Woolf, our resident tech guru has helped out by putting our architect’s perspective drawing onto the site. We know it’s not perfect, but at least you can get an idea of how things will look (and the design of the building – at least for right now.) Thanks, Mel.

Well, this July newsletter has gotten long enough, so I’ll sign off now. I hope you’ll be able to take an afternoon off, and come visit us here in some of the prettiest land on Earth.

Jennifer McCloud
Chrysalis Vineyards
23876 Champe Ford Road
Middleburg VA 20117
telephone: 540-687-8222