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White Wines
    2013 Albariņo $27.00 $291.60
    2014 Albariņo Verde  (Please check availability $22.00 $237.60
    2013 Viognier $29.00 $313.20
    2012 & 2013 Private Reserve White  (For VIP Club Members only $31.00 $316.20
    2014 Sarah’s Patio White $17.00 $183.60
Rosé Wine
    2013 Mariposa $17.00 $183.60
    2014 Sarah’s Patio Red $17.00 $183.60
Red Wines
    2013 Norton - Schitz & Giggels $20.00 $216.00
    2012 Norton - Estate Bottled $19.00 $205.20
    2012 Norton - Barrel Select  (Please check availability $31.00 $334.80
    2012 Norton - Locksley Reserve  (Please check availability $38.00
    2012 Rubiana $19.00 $205.20
    2013 Petit Verdot - Hollin Reserve $37.00 $399.60
    2012 Papillon - Hollin Reserve  $37.00 $399.60
    2011 Tannat $37.00 $399.60
    2008 Tannat - Cellar Reserve $48.00 $518.40
    2011 & 2012 Private Reserve Red  (For VIP Club Members only) $31.00 $316.20
Dessert Wine
    2012 Borboleta
$35.00 $378.00
    2012 Petit Manseng $22.00 $237.60

* Columns display our regular pricing and 10% Case Discount.
VIP Club Members enjoy 15% off all purchases, regardless of quantity.

Chrysalis Vineyards Albariño
The ultra-premium white varietal of Spain. A rich, exotic dry wine bursting with bright aromas and bracing flavors of citrus, almonds, apricots, and peaches. Sensational!
Chrysalis Vineyards Albariño Verde
This is Chrysalis Vineyards’ newest wine, an homage to the Vinho Verde wines of Portugal. When made with Albariņo (or Alvarinho as it’s known in Portugal) it’s called Vinho Alvarino and is known as the “premium” variety for this style. This style of wine is characterized by its light and crisp texture, intense fruit, and slight effervescence.
Chrysalis Vineyards Viognier
This extraordinary Northern Rhone varietal offers wonderful citrus, tropical and pear aromas, while retaining the classic dry quality of Viognier - eclipsing our award winning 2001 vintage. Unrivaled balance and intensity! Our "flagship" white wine.

Fermented sur lie and aged to perfection in French oak barrels and presented in our distinctive antique Burgundy bottles, this Viognier represents the epitome of Chrysalis Vineyards’ commitment to excellence in every aspect of the grape growing and winemaking process.
Chrysalis Vineyards Private Reserve White
Each vintage Chrysalis Vineyards produces two unique wines - a white, and red, exclusively for the enjoyment of our VIP Club members. We use this opportunity to indulge in creative winemaking unfettered by normal production restrictions. We are free to use any wines from that vintage, vinified however the fruit may inspire us, blended as we wish, to create something of unusual quality, interest, and rarity. We do this to thank our Club members with a wine that no one else can obtain, at any price.
Chrysalis Vineyards Traminette
Traminette is a “spicy”, highly aromatic grape variety, much like its parent grape, Gewürztraminer. The nose is redolent of roses, with a hint of peach and apricot. We’ve made our Traminette in a dry style in order to show off its wonderfully balanced acidity.

This wine has great body, and although very enjoyable now, it will age gracefully for three to five years. It’s delicious with Asian cuisine, poultry and seafood dishes.
Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah’s Patio White
Sarah’s Patio White is named in tribute to Sarah Girtrude Lynn, the patron of Sarah’s Patio at our beautiful location in the rolling hills of the Bull Run Mountains.

This straightforward and attractive wine offers classic characteristics of citrus and floral aromas, and its crisp acidity is balanced with the right amount of sweetness to create a very distinctive and drinkable wine.
Chrysalis Vineyards Mariposa
Mariposa is the Spanish word for butterfly. Made in the style of a Spanish Clarete from Northern Spain, Chrysalis Vineyards Mariposa is a dry rosé wine which derives its vivid color from Norton, Virginia’s distinctive native grape.

This is a full-bodied and bold wine, and its bright color foretells its fruity character with fragrant aromas and flavors with hints of raspberry, melon, and cherry.

Whether a picnic or pizza, turkey or tapas, our rosé is ideal with light and full fares. Dress it up, dress it down, Chrysalis Vineyards Mariposa is unpretentious, flexible and practical.
Chrysalis Vineyards Sarah’s Patio Red (whole cluster pressed Norton rosé)
The wine in this bottle is unique - unlike any you’ve ever tasted. Named in honor of our ancestral patron at Chrysalis Vineyards, it’s made from 100% Norton, the almost-forgotten great American grape. You’ll find the alluring fruit flavors and aromas in this wine simply irresistable. And Norton’s natural acidity is in perfect balance with this sweet fruitiness.

A revolutionary new wine, Sarah’s Patio Red is perfect for all occasions when friends gather to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. We suggest you serve it chilled, to emphasize its fresh fruit flavors and sweet-tart balance.

Norton, the Real American Grape!®

Chrysalis Vineyards Norton - Schitz & Giggels
This is a fun and off-dry wine with a rich mouth feel and plenty of spice originating from its oak aging. Intensely dark with a hint of sweetness, this blend is a perfect introduction to the Norton variety.
Chrysalis Vineyards Norton - Estate Bottled
This is our larger production dry Norton, the Real American Grape!® offered at a great value. This 100% Norton wine shows off Norton’s intense fruit and mellow palate. Mellowing with time in the bottle, it continues to deliver a powerful nose with concentrated fruit aromas and sweet spice. The flavors of cherries and plums that define Norton, with nuances of ripe fruit, pepper, earth, and a vanilla edge, round out this expressive synergy of grape and winemaking excellence.
Chrysalis Vineyards Norton - Barrel Select
The same fruity characteristics found in Sarah’s Patio Red are present in this 100% expression of our own Virginia native done in a dry style. The fruit forward perfumes of Norton explode with its unmistakable bouquet, and are followed by jammy flavors of concentrated cherries and extracted black fruits. Whole cluster fermentation reduces the acidity of Norton making this wine round and silky smooth; ready to be enjoyed now and without further aging.
Chrysalis Vineyards Norton - Locksley Reserve
In 1873, at the Vienna Universal Exhibition in Austria, a panel of international judges declared Norton "the best red wine of all nations".

Here at Chrysalis Vineyards, we’ve undertaken a serious commitment to restore Virginia’s native grape to its former glory - making wines worthy of international praise.

Locksley Reserve Norton is our very best - our flagship wine, and one we are, indeed, proud to offer as we continue our mission "To proudly restore Virginia wines to world renown, and celebrate the homecoming of Norton, the Real American Grape!®"
Chrysalis Vineyards Rubiana
Inspired by the alluring wines of Northern Spain, Rubiana is a Spanish-styled red wine, blended from some of the best varieties grown in this renowned region.

Deeply colored, with an intensely aromatic nose of smoke, black fruit, and violets, it displays a firm tannin structure, warmth, and medium body. As it ages, this wine promises to develop its complexity, while it maintains its earthy characteristics.
Chrysalis Vineyards Petit Verdot - Hollin Reserve
Chrysalis Vineyards grows over 20 different varieties of grapes. This provides a broad range of flavors and attributes to support our view that many of the finest wines of the world are the product of skillful blending.

Occasionally, in outstanding years, one of these varieties will distinguish itself with such high quality and intense varietal expression that it warrants being presented on its own. This Petit Verdot, from our Hollin Vineyard, is one of these special bottlings.

We are proud to offer this distinctive wine, which exemplifies the full potential that this traditional Bordeaux variety can attain.
Chrysalis Vineyards Papillon - Hollin Reserve
Papillon is the French word for butterfly. This wine exemplifies the balance of understanding the grapes that grow well in Virginia with the finesse required to produce an elegant wine, true to its varietal characteristics. Our blending of several rare and traditional grape varieties of southwest France.has produced a big, fruit forward red, with layers of earthy cedar and coffee, and a touch of pepper. Though this wine is age-worthy, the approachable tannin structure allows for enjoyment now, as well as for years to come.
Chrysalis Vineyards Tannat
Hailing from the Madiran region of southwest France, this black-berried grape found a home in Virginia.  Perfumed, and layered with smoky roasted meat, leather and cocoa, this complex wine shows a backbone of spicy black fruits with nuances of vanilla, coffee, and background oak. The big structured tannins carry through to a long finish and promise a long life in the bottle.
Chrysalis Vineyards Private Reserve Red
Each vintage Chrysalis Vineyards produces two unique wines - a white, and red, exclusively for the enjoyment of our VIP Club members. We use this opportunity to indulge in creative winemaking unfettered by normal production restrictions. We are free to use any wines from that vintage, vinified however the fruit may inspire us, blended as we wish, to create something of unusual quality, interest, and rarity. We do this to thank our Club members with a wine that no one else can obtain, at any price.
Chrysalis Vineyards Borboleta
Borboleta (Portuguese for butterfly) is made from 100% Norton grapes vinified in the style of a Portuguese Vinho do Porto from the Douro Valley, and in the manner of a single quinta (estate grown). Subsequent aging in 20-year-old Cognac barrels added complexity and richness to this singularly enjoyable dessert wine. We suggest that you reserve Borboleta as an after-dinner treat shared only with your very best of friends.

Borboleta goes great with rich and dark desserts (think chocolate!), but is just as delightful by itself or as an apéritive..
Chrysalis Vineyards Petit Manseng
Chrysalis Vineyards is extremely proud to present America’s first varietally labeled Petit Manseng - traditionally grown in the Jurançon region of Southwest France. Petit Manseng is an aromatic grape producing sweet wines bursting with aromas and flavors of flowers, honey, candied fruit and spice. It is important to note that the sweetness and balanced acidity in this wine is the result of natural ripening of the fruit in the Virginia sun, producing an elegant wine with a clean, crisp finish.

We recommend our Petit Manseng be served with lighter or more delicately flavored desserts, and the increasingly popular after-dinner cheese platter.