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VIP Wines for April

Note from Jenni

April, 2020 VIP Club Selections

Boy!...What a difference a month makes! Last month we were anxiously awaiting the arrival of spring and now many of us are sequestered at home doing our best to stave off the spread of the COVID-19 virus. These are difficult and uncertain times to be sure, but I've also seen some good things in the midst of this tragedy. Rather than bustling past in crowded spaces without acknowleging each other, people are passing 6 feet away and giving a nod or saying hello.  Messages of hope are springing up on driveways and in windows.  We relish the bits of time when we can go outdoors and we spend quality time at home with our families. Things will eventually return to normal and we will resume our hectic lives, but in the meantime we should make the most of our forced "down time". Rest, rejuvenate, read a book, play a game or drink a glass of wine and really take the time to enjoy it. If we're lucky, when all this passes, maybe we'll remember how good it feels to slow down and enjoy the simple things in life.

Due to our current operating restrictions related to the COVID-19 virus, we will not be holding our monthly VIP pickup party in April. Stay healthy and we will see you next month!

Our pickup window is open 12:00pm - 6:00pm Monday - Thursday, 12:00pm - 8:00pm Friday and Saturday, and 12:00pm - 7:00pm Sunday. We have great wine, farmstead cheese, fresh bread, eggs, and more. Friday through Sunday we also have delicious artisan pizzas available! You can place your order ahead of time by calling 540-687-8222 or place your order at the window.

The white wine selection for our VIP Club members this month is Chrysalis Vineyards 2019 Albariño. This 100% stainless steel fermented white has delightful aromas of orange blossoms, beeswax, and ripe bannanas. The palate bursts with fresh kiwi, blood orange, and stone fruit. A slight minerality leaves the palate thirsting for more. Enjoy a glass with a pizza from The Little River Bakehouse! Chef Keaton's spinach, roasted garlic, house alfredo sauce pizza is a perfect match.

Our red wine selection for April is Chrysalis Vineyards 2017 Papillon. This robust, tannic, and aromatic red blend illustrates the concept of “the sum of the parts make a greater whole”. The aged Tannat component presents the back bone of a mature wine through sophisticated tannin structure, plum, black currant, and cooked spices, while Petit Verdot fleshes out the body with intense black cherry, ripe plums, and notes of jasmine or lavender. A bottle of Papillon and a rack of Lexington-style BBQ ribs would be a great pairing for a perfect spring cookout.

As a reminder to our members, all VIP wine is available for pickup at the Ag District Center tasting room anytime during regular business hours. If you can’t make it out to pick up your wines on a monthly basis, we will hold them for you. Due to storage limitations, however, we do ask that you pick them up once you accumulate a case (6 months). We can also arrange for wine to be shipped to most locations, at your request.

Also, please remember that you can always find your paired recipes and detailed tasting notes at www.ChrysalisWine.com in the Private VIP Club Area. Also check in with us or follow us on Facebook for updates and announcements.

NOTE: Please do not reply to this emailed Newsletter. Your email will not be handled in a timely manner or may even be lost.

Note from Jenni


Things that have happened in the last couple of weeks keep reminding me of the old Chinese curse… May you live in interesting times. Well, pretty interesting, that’s for sure!

If you’re like me, your inbox is overloaded, so we’ve kept our newsletter brief. How many emails have you’ve received from banks, suppliers, your representatives, your county (my car dealer?!) telling you how they’re there for you. OK… I’m sure not what that means, and it’s getting a bit annoying to me, because it just sounds like so much “feel-good” rhetoric.

So… I’m not going to tell you that we’re here for you. No… I’m going to ask you to be here for us!

We’ve been producing great wines for more than two decades, and now we’re bringing great cheeses and breads and other goodies to our friends and customers. But we’re in trouble right now and, if you can, we need your help so we can keep farming.

As I’m sure you’re aware, we’ve had to shutter all seating and tastings at The Ag District. This is a serious threat to the farm, and to all our employees and their families, our suppliers and their families, and to those who have enjoyed our farm products over the years. For those of you who can, we really need your help now.

We’re ready and able to get you our wines and our foods. We just need you to buy some! Call us… email us… stop by for pick up. We can ship and we’re working right now to figure out how we can delivery (including hot foods) to nearby locations.

I think it’s a fair exchange. You help us out a little extra right now, and you get some really good food and wine to enjoy and succor the soul! And you can also feel good knowing you've done something significant to support your local agriculture.

Take care, and I hope you and your family remain healthy and safe.

Thank you,


Jennifer McCloud
Chrysalis Vineyards at The Ag District
39025 John Mosby Highway (Tasting Room/Creamery/Kitchen)
23876 Champe Ford Road (Winery/Milking Center/Offices)
Middleburg, VA 20117

Office: 540-687-8222



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