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Borboleta is Chrysalis Vineyards' Port-style wine made from 100% Norton grapes and fortified with Norton neutral sprits. Rich and sweet, it makes a perfect apertif!

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Buttorfleoge is Chrysalis Vineyards' first sparkling wine and a new take on Norton based on an ancient practice. This 100% whole-clustered pressed Norton wine is produced using only the natural microflora found on the skins and rachises of the grapes grown on the Locksley Estate. The result is a true, terroir-driven pétillant-naturel (or Pét Nat), and an exciting addition to the Norton lineup here at Chrysalis Vineyards.

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This 100% Norton wine has a smooth, rich mouthfeel with a good tannic structure and acidity resulting from its unique fermentation.

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Estate Bottled Norton is our largest bottling of Norton wine and our traditional introduction to Norton as a variety. It is smooth, rich, aromatic, fruit-forward and approachable at an early age.

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This is Chrysalis Vineyards’ flagship wine. This blend offers the upfront fruit and intense color of Norton balanced with the structure and Old-World character of Tannat and Petit Verdot. 

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Sarah’s Patio Red is a sweet, light red wine made with 100% Norton grapes in the style of a rosé. It is a refreshing, food-friendly, semi-sweet wine with some spritz. Serve this wine chilled.

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